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The Penguins are back,  awaiting the next release of Fedora (19) named Schrödinger’s Cat. At the Fedora 19 Final Go/No-Go Meeting, it was agreed to “Go” with Fedora 19 by Fedora QA, development, release engineering and FPM.

This release marks a major milestone for me as I have been unwilling to upgrade from Fedora 14 (Laughlin) because of the Gnome 3. There is enough rant about Gnome 3 on the web so I won’t go into the details but sticking with Fedora 14 (using Remi repos after EOL) which has been the base of RHEL 6 has provided me with a stable desktop since January 2011. Having mastered SnowBird Linux off Fedora 18, I have been quite pleased with the user experience (Cinnamon 1.6) and Cinnamon 1.8 in Fedora 19 is a huge update.

While I appreciate the work being done to bring back the much loved Gnome 2 desktop (of which I am a huge fan) to Fedora through the Mate spin, I believe it is a lost cause as Red Hat has announced that RHEL 7 will be based off Fedora 18/19 and default to Gnome 3 with the classic session. The Mate components in any case are too loosely integrated in Fedora, the user experience is so poor that some applications have an erratic behaviour and even require the use of libpangox-compat to avoid looking like Windows 95. Here, I have to show my appreciation for the work being done by Linux Mint, it is most likely the distribution of choice for newbies or those willing to make the switch from Windows. While the desktop hardly matters for RHEL as most installations are headless, it is clear that Red Hat has already decided the future of the desktop.

So watch out, the cat will be out of the box on Tuesday 2nd of July 2013.

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