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Posted on: 19/07/2013

Over the past week I’ve been contacted by Valent Turkovic to help breathe some new life into Fusion Linux. In this spirit I’ve pushed my kickstarts to github to help test the remix and make a decision about the default desktop to be used for the next Fusion release. I’ve got my own views on the future of the Linux desktop in the light of the latest developments and below is what I’ve told Valent:

I must say I’ve been a great fan of Gnome 2 for a very long time and I haven’t upgraded from F14 until F18 was out. I’m not a big fan of Gnome 3 but being in a corporate environment I tend to stick with what works best as an end user experience. With F18 I was under the impression that Cinnamon would eventually become a an official spin which is why I based my remix on it, but if you’ve followed the Red Hat Summit you must have noted that Red Hat has announced that Gnome 3 with the classic-session will be the default on RHEL7. While it hardly matters for RHEL, you must realize that Red Hat has decided the future of the Linux desktop and you shouldn’t underestimate the effect (+impact) it has on the fedoraproject.

While I find it sad I must agree with their decision as Cinnamon is forked off Gnome 3.4, it is currently being maintained (+by a small team) as a separate branch and at the rate at which Gnome is developing the changes will soon become incompatible and we’ll have a headache. Right now nemo and nautilus don’t play well which is why even if i prefer nemo I can’t run it as Shutter and Deja-dup require nautilus extensions (+just a rant). At present Leight123 is packaging Cinnamon for Fedora but if he decides not to maintain it any more, what do we do?

I’ve tried to build Compiz-Mate since F18 and I must say it is badly integrated into Fedora, some applications (+which you add) look horrible (Win 95 look) unless you install lib-pangox-compat (+works in most cases) and still there is no consistent look and feel across the system. Having both Cinnamon (includes Gnome 3 + or many components) and Mate will pull in large dependencies and it would be better to have separate spins (+remixes). Vicodan currently maintains Mate/Compiz @ , while I admire his effort I must say we are far behind what Linux Mint has produced.

I’m sure many will disagree if not rant about the default desktop but in the end it’s always about freedom and choice which is why we have so many distributions, spins and remixes. I’ll try to help as much as I can with the Fusion project and if you can/are able to contribute back to the community please consider helping Valent or any other project you would like to be part. Remember a small change can make a big difference, so you don’t have to be a geek, a hard core coder, designer or scientist to contribute.

Below are some screen shots of the latest version of SnowBird Linux based on Fedora 19/Gnome 3

1. (+comment) have been added to this post for clarifications.

2. As usual I am responsible for what I say but decline any responsibility for what you understand  (make of it) 🙂

3. Have a nice weekend!


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