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I was surprised to find a distribution called “SnowBird Linux 2013.08 [x64] 1xDVD” on Russian sites today, as I did some research before naming the remix as SnowBird Linux. I was intrigued by the pictured of a colorful fat bird, which would give some competition to the extinct dodo 🙂  but a closer look at the picture gallery made me smile as it was SnowBird Linux (SBL19) that was being distributed via bit-torrent ! While I have no real issues with the distribution being passed around on forums, I would have preferred a link to the SourceForge project which would help gather proper statistics. The available statistics suggest that SBL19 has been downloaded:

52 times on


16 times via

which brings the count from the previous post to close to 600 downloads.

Russian Humour

Russian Humour

Please use SourceForge if you want to download SBL19 not because it helps me gather the metrics but because:

1) It is the official source with published check-sums to ensure your download hasn’t been tampered with

2) There is a re-spin service for people with bandwidth issues where updated versions are available with all released updates/patches.

3) Advanced users can try the nightly version with preview features.

4) One of the Russian forums label SnowBird Linux as “SnowBird Linux 2013.08 [x86]” which is incorrect as the distribution is only available for x64 architectures.

SnowBird Russian edition

SnowBird Russian edition

Thank you to the Russian community for the ratings and positive feedback on their forums (google translate) and most importantly to the Fedora translation team for such a wonderful work.

Please note that the project has a new home at

It’s been two weeks since SnowBird Linux 19 has gone public and we are really excited by the growth rates we are witnessing. More than 500 downloads already is more than what we expected since the project is relatively new and mostly unknown in the wild. We are in the process of moving to sponsored by myWeb but it will be a phased approach. At present we are short on resources so we prefer to focus on the distribution itself rather than investing time on the new website. We have planned quite a lot of exciting enhancements to the next minor update (19.1) and we are considering a different naming process to allow a rolling release model. Stay tuned . . .

SnowBird Linux Stats (2 weeks)

SnowBird Linux downloads (2 weeks)


Posted on: 16/08/2013

I’m pleased to announce that SnowBird Linux will be moving to a new home in the coming days.  MyWeb (UK) has generously sponsored the new home of SnowBird Linux by offering a dedicated Fedora VPS which will enable faster builds for the next releases, before being deployed  to SourceForge.  SnowBird Linux will now live at  Thank you myWeb for being the first sponsor of SnowBird Linux.

myWeb UK Hosting

myWeb UK Hosting

It’s been a week since SnowBird Linux has been released to SourceForge and I must admit I’m pleasantly surprised at the response. There have been a little more than 250 downloads and this shows that the distribution certainly has an audience who want a pre-configured system with sensible defaults.  As mentioned in the release announcement, SnowBird is now growing from a closed corporate project to a public audience with broader expectations.

Gathering user feedback will be essential for the ongoing development and success of the project.  In this sense some of the changes for the upcoming minor release have been posted on the forum, feel free to add software requests/reviews if you would like a program to be considered for inclusion in the remix or if something bugs you.  As a rule of the thumb I include one program per category and it must have a broad appeal and/or be essential for the proper functioning/work-flow of  a typical user. Stability, functionality, user experience, security and popularity are the next criteria for review/inclusion.  In the coming weeks I’ll be looking at more contributors who can help with the branding and user interface, mainly artwork, icons, custom wallpapers, getting started guide and a logo, so stay tuned if you’re a SnowBird Linux user.

Since SnowBird is a remix based on Fedora 19, the next major release will be on the heels of Fedora 20, so I have decided to used a hybrid rolling model where the initial release will always be available on SourceForge but there will also be a continuous release where the latest errata will be applied and/or the inclusion of enhancements (deprecated, dropped or new packages). It’s most likely similar to the Fedora nightly composes but more stable and tested 🙂

One Week in the life of SnowBird

One Week in the life of SnowBird Linux 19

I’m pleased to announce the first public release of SnowBird Linux named New Dawn  based on Fedora 19SnowBird Linux 19  (New Dawn) has been around for a while as a closed corporate project intended to replace Windows desktops but in recent months I have cleaned/tweaked the distribution to make it suitable for public release.  SnowBird Linux 19 (New Dawn) includes a selected mix of free and non-free software from Fedora, RPM Fusion, Russian Fedora, Remi, Adobe, Google and Open Printing repositories.

SnowBird Linux 19 (New Dawn) includes all the goodies released in Fedora 19 plus the following features:

  • Tweaked Gnome 3 Desktop
  • Clean theme with flat icons
  • LibreOffice 4.1
  • Bundled audio and video codecs
  • Web, social and telephony applications
  • Productivity software
  • Graphics and development tools
  • Useful utilities and accessories
  • Live CD with optional installer

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SnowBird Linux 19 (New Dawn) can be downloaded from SourceForge.

Note: Snowbird Linux is a remix based on Fedora but is not officially supported by the Fedora Project. Bundled software are the property of their respective owners and subject to their respective licenses. The released version is for x64 bit systems and I have no intention to build an x86 version in the short term as most computers are 64 bit capable and my build servers are x64 based 🙂

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