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A preview of SnowBird Linux 19 update 1

Posted on: 14/09/2013

I had planned the release of SnowBird Linux 19.1 for today but I’ve been bothered with the number of complaints around the fast release of kernels on It seems that kmods and certain drivers are not able to keep the pace resulting in quite a lot of broken systems. As of today the latest kernel release is  3.10.11-200.fc19 , I certainly don’t see it as a drawback as Fedora has always been ahead of the pack when it comes to new technology so it’s a matter of assembling the components that work. I’ve moved the release to Monday to retest certain components and I’ve added Ex-Fat support which I’ve missed for some time. The major highlights (visible to the end user) of this minor release are as follows:

SnowBird 19 Update 1

SnowBird 19 Update 1

Dropped Packages

  •    Banshee (Music Player)
  •    Opera (Official)

New Packages

  •    Clementine (Music player)
  •    Opera (Browser from Russian Fedora Repository)
  •    gtk-recordmydesktop (Desktop session recorder)
  •    BleachBit (System cleaner)
  •    FlareGet (Browser download manager)
  •    Calibre (Ebook management)


  •    All released Fedora updates
  •    Updated Libre Office
  •    Updated Google products


  •    Live user renamed to SnowBird Labs
  •    Removed duplicate menu entries
  •    Fixed Calibre menu entry
  •    Exfat support

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