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Ubiquity is undoubtedly a very popular choice for building Wireless Networks. Being among the early adopters of the UniFi platform [AP/AC/Outdoor], the network quickly grew to span over multiple sites. As the APs could be provisioned and the controller switched off, I had a controller running on CentOS 7 only at the primary site and used to have a dummy controller on a laptop to provision APs at remote sites. With the release of the controller version 4 and the need for guest control / statistics, I clearly needed to manage all APs from a central location. Enter Layer 3 adoption, there are a few options on the official blog but they all seem to miss a simple trick for those who are not bothered about DHCP/DNS setup.

  • Start by resetting the AP to defaults using the hardware reset switch
  • If you have a DHCP server, find out the IP address and SSH into the AP using the default credentials ubnt/ubnt. If not, set a static IP and SSH to the default IP
  • To adopt the remote AP, the controller must be able to communicate with the AP. The AP sends inform messages to the controller using the hostname ‘unifi’, so we will modify the host file on the AP to point ‘unifi’ to the controller address. Run the following commands:

echo unifi >> /etc/hosts [replace with the IP of your controller]

cat /etc/hosts [to check that the line now exists in the file]

  • Enter the AP shell and run the following:



You can now adopt the AP on the controller. If you want to have different settings [SSID/Limits], create a new site and adopt the AP in that site.


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