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I always start with a minimal install when provisioning new systems which are usually deployed through Spacewalk but there are some instances where I have no deployment server, so after a DVD install I have a broken XForwarding which is quite easy to fix.

yum install xorg-x11-xauth xorg-x11-fonts*

It’s quite handy when scripted within a kickstart file, which is why I don’t always remember it 🙂 so documenting it on the blog keeps it accessible. You don’t need to plug in all the fonts but if you work with legacy applications or Oracle, you’ll want to have them on the system.

If you’ve played a lot with putty and need a remote session management tool, have a look at PAC Manager @

Spacewalk 2.0 Systems Management

A big thank you to the Spacewalk team on this 5th anniversary for making my life (and many more) easy by engineering such a wonderful product and freeing it from the Oracle back-end. This release added Fedora 19 support, basic auditing for things like user and system creation/deletion, and the ability to use an externally managed PostgreSQL database. This release also includes further enhanced ABRT integration, more SCAP improvements, the ability to use Inter-Satellite Sync to transfer org and channel trust information as well as maintain the org ownership and visibility of custom channels, and faster rendering of the pages thanks to CSS3. New API methods were provided and several existing API methods were updated to fix bugs or add functionality. You can read the full announcement @

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