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SnowBird Linux Release 18

SnowBird Linux is based on Fedora 18 and runs the Cinnamon Desktop

SnowBird Linux is based on Fedora 18 and runs the Cinnamon Desktop

What’s included in SnowBird Linux (Release 18)?


Fedora base install

Cinnamon desktop (customized)


Libre Office 4 (MS office replacement)

Project Libre (MS Project replacement)

Libre Office Draw (MS Visio replacement)

Open Clipart (library)

Evince (PDF reader)

PDF Mod (PDF manipulation)

Vym (mind mapping)

Cherrytree (note taking)



Firefox with Adblock plus

Thuderbird with Lightning (MS Outlook replacement)

Remmina (all plugins included)

gftp (FTP client)

Vino (desktop sharing/VNC)

Chrome (QA)

Opera (QA)

Google-Talk plugin

Gwget download manager

Pidgin (universal chat client)

Skype (pretty much the standard now)

Gwibber (micro blogging)

*Firefox is the main browser, other browsers are for development/testing.


Bluefish (HTML editor)

RapidSVN (SVN client)

Meld (file compare)

Geany (light IDE)

gedit (text editor)


Dia (drawing tool)

Font Manager

GIMP (the Photoshop of Linux)

Image Viewer

Inkscape (SVG editor)

Scribus (professional layout and publishing)

Simple Scan (scanning tool)

Shutter (screen-shot tool)


Banshee (Music application)

Brasero (CD/DVD recorder)

Cheese (web-cam application)

Handbrake (conversion utility)

Totem (video player)

VLC media player (the reference universal player)

gstreamer-plugins (audio and video codecs)


Archive Manager (Winzip/Winrar alternative)


ownCloud client (cloud client)

VirtualBox (desktop virtualization)

RealCrypt (disk encryption)

Teamviewer (remote assistance)

Flash plugin

Java JDK

Webcore-fonts (Microsoft core fonts)

Cups-pdf (print as pdf from any application)

Deja-dup (backup tool)

Free-IPA (central authentication and management)

Libdvdcss (DVD decryption)

Nvidia drivers (Graphics drivers)

VirtualBox guest additions (Virtualization drivers)

Grub-Customizer (Grub management interface)


Graphics: Design Suite (YUM group)

Audio/Video: hugin synfigstudio darktable calligra-krita kdenlive hydrogen audacity openshot digikam ardour lmms avidemux rosegarden4 fluidsynth gpick

Note:  Teamviewer is included in the public version only for private and non-commercial usage. Please play fair by licensing  the software if you find it useful and require it’s use in a commercial environment.


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